When a semi-truck or tractor trailer crashes into a car or SUV, the physics are devastating, usually causing death and/or serious injuries to passengers.  While many truck drivers follow the law, wrecks can occur when companies choose to ignore traffic laws or safety regulations, or fail to use good judgment.  Sometimes truck drivers use drugs or speed to meet deadlines or work excessively long hours.

Preparing a Truck Accident Case

We work hard to make sure that our clients recover the compensation they deserve. Our goal is to uncover the real cause of the wreck.  We work with recognized
experts to carefully investigate all aspects of the wreck. We persist until we uncover the evidence that shows the choices the truck driver and trucking company made.

We employ sophisticated accident reconstruction methods to recreate the crash.  Semi-truck accidents often involve multiple vehicles.  Detailed accident reconstruction is often important in order to show the court and the jury what happened in the collision.

The evidence we have obtained from the wreck and thorough accident reconstruction simulation are often critical arrows in our quiver for trial. In addition, the other crucial evidence we develop is a thorough understanding of you or your loved one and what this wreck has done to you.  Once we have marshalled all of this evidence and are thoroughly prepared to show the jury what happened to you, we are ready for trial.


Standing Up To Trucking Companies

We love a challenge and the opportunity to take on trucking companies and their insurance companies in court.

Call our office and find out how we can help you deal with the aftermath of a trucking wreck.

If you or someone you love has been injured by a serious trucking accident on a state highway or a major interstate such as I-80, I-70, or I-25, it is important that you contact a good lawyer as soon as possible.