Co-Counsel and Referrals

Are you worried about taking on a case that seems bigger than your office can currently handle?  Wouldn’t you love to have an excellent team ready to dive in and help you prevail?  We are that team.  We are force multipliers.  We have handled challenging cases and we can help.

Because of our trial experience, ongoing work in psychodrama, and using methods taught at Gerry Spence’s Trial Lawyers College, we can help you tell your client’s story and successfully try your case.

We are good at collaboration and building teams.  We have been brought in to discover the client’s story, help the client become comfortable testifying, and conduct focus groups.  We enjoy working with attorneys on appropriate cases.  We collaborate with attorneys across the country to prepare and try cases, in full compliance with the applicable legal ethics requirements.

We conduct an in-depth review before determining whether we will be able to help with a case.  We do not represent insurance companies; we do not represent large corporations.  We do not do criminal defense work.