Land Use and Real Estate Disputes


We have a proven track record in land use and real estate litigation.  Andrea began practicing in 1991 and is an experienced real estate lawyer in Wyoming. We have successfully handled a large variety of real estate cases. We have represented property owners, neighbors, homeowners’ associations, sellers, buyers, real estate brokers, appraisers, title insurance companies, and developers.

We like to get involved early. We take pride in understanding your goals.  We listen and ask questions.  Focusing on YOUR goals is crucial because in land use cases, there is often more than one path to success.

Once we understand your goals, we analyze the available remedies and applicable time frames. Then we recommend a strategy and the best remedies to pursue.  The legal process and jargon in land use and real estate cases can seem complicated, but we work to make it simple.  

We have happy clients because we get results and because we work closely with our clients. We pride ourselves on promptly responding to emails and phone calls usually the same day, and at least within 24 hours. We provide weekly updates that make the process efficient and understandable.   

We have represented clients before Planning Departments, the Town of Jackson, other towns, and cities, Boards of County Commissioners, State District Courts, the Wyoming Supreme Court, federal district court and in various administrative proceedings before hearing officers and boards.

Successes and Trial Victories

Standing Up for Property Owners against Governmental Entities

Our firm represented a local property owner who sought to build a small office space and residence on his property.  He believed that the County’s Land Development Regulations (LDRs) recognized his right to use his property for his intended purpose. After initially approving the project, the Teton County Board of County Commissioners later reversed its vote.  Our firm successfully challenged the Board of County Commissioners in District Court.  The District Court agreed with our position and found that the County had acted in an arbitrary and capricious fashion.  

Successful Defense of Historic Guest Ranch

In November 2007, our firm was lead counsel for the owner of a historic guest ranch in a proceeding initiated by a neighboring homeowners association seeking to limit the activities of the guest ranch. In a weeklong trial, The Richard Law Firm prevailed against the homeowners’ claims.  This was a significant victory against a well-funded opposition.