Justice in Civil Cases



Litigation and civil trials are challenging.  Whether it is a dispute with your business partner, a former business partner, a contract dispute, on-line defamation, or another civil dispute, we have the experience and know how to help you.

When you are facing a lawsuit or a dispute, you need a legal team that is focused on solutions.  In our experience, most clients don’t want to litigate, they want to right a wrong.  Clients don’t want to slog through lengthy and complicated legal proceedings, they want to resolve the dispute and move on with their lives.  We are a good fit for clients that want solutions.  We pride ourselves on efficient, reasonable solutions for our clients.

Our Process

From the start, we work to understand your goals.  Once we are clear on your goals, we analyze the available strategies and legal remedies.  We work to anticipate the other side’s strategy and next move.  We have found that focusing on our client’s goals and developing a strategy around our goals, we can make a difference for our clients.  Our clients appreciate having a solution-oriented legal team on their side.  

We want to get through the legal process as efficiently as possible so that you can spend your time on your life and your dreams, and not the legal process.

Going to trial is difficult.  It takes a great deal of energy, resources and time.  We don’t go to trial lightly.  Along the way to trial, we look for other solutions and present them to you.  When the judge is swearing in the jury panel and the trial has started, we want to know that we have considered the other solutions and that the only viable choice was to let a jury decide the case.    

Of course, we can’t control the other side or their lawyers.  But, we can carefully examine the legal options and remedies that may help you.  There are some disputes that cannot be resolved quickly.  Some disputes need help from the legal process and even a jury to get resolved.  We know the difference.

We advise you about remedies, options, strategies, costs and benefits throughout the process.  We know the difference between cases that should be resolved and cases that need to be heard by a jury.  

If a case needs to be tried, we have the experience and skills to do that job well.  Andrea started practicing in 1991. She has successfully tried cases for decades.  Andrea is an experienced trial lawyer with an excellent team.  Their excellence and experience will make a difference for you.