Are you looking for a construction lawyer?

In construction collection cases, it is important to play offense.  The non-paying customer often counts on you and your staff being busy.  When we get involved, we quickly make it clear to the non-paying customer that we will be taking consistent and relentless action to collect for you.  Sometimes this results in you getting paid relatively quickly, other times more work is needed.  Consistent pressure on the non-paying customer is critical and we are known for that.

We have a proven track record in construction cases.  We have successfully handled a variety of construction cases.  We have represented owners, local and regional construction companies, and subcontractors.  Our victories in construction cases speak for themselves.

As a trusted construction lawyer in Wyoming, we have happy clients because we get results and because of the way we work.   We stay in close touch with you.  Every week we provide an update (usually a conference call and written weekly report).  The legal jargon can seem complex but we make it simple.

Some construction cases require that we work in more than one state. We are very good at creating and working in teams.  We have a terrific team at our firm.  We excel at working with your team and employees.  We often hire and collaborate with local counsel.  If there is a local lawyer that you like to work with, we are excellent at collaboration.  If the non-paying customer tries a bankruptcy strategy, we hire and supervise bankruptcy counsel and their fees and costs.

We have represented clients in state district courts, the Wyoming Supreme Court, federal district courts, the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals, bankruptcy courts, and in various administrative proceedings.

Successes and Trial Victories

Largest Lien Filed in Wyoming

In 2004, The Richard Law Firm, P.C. represented a construction firm in the filing of what may be the largest construction lien ever filed in Wyoming.  The lien was filed against real estate to secure payment of over $22 million.  The matter was ultimately resolved.  

A Record Jury Verdict

In October and November 2008, The Richard Law Firm tried a construction-defect case on behalf of an owner against an out-of-state contractor and its insurance company. At issue was an improperly constructed wall that was structurally unsound.  At trial, the jury found in favor of our clients and awarded $900,000.  This was a terrific victory for our client and one of the largest jury verdicts in Teton County.

Success in Recovering Funds Owed

In the fall of 2004, our firm represented a construction company in an arbitration proceeding and recovered a substantial unpaid amount on a large project.

In 2008, our firm filed a construction lien for a local contractor.  We filed suit in state district court to foreclose the lien and collect unpaid amounts owed by an owner on a large project in Teton County, Wyoming. We protected our client throughout a challenging process in which the non-paying party attempted to remove the action to federal district court.

The non-paying party filed a petition for bankruptcy.  We protected our client by hiring bankruptcy counsel in Texas.  We successfully tried the case in Texas and collected over $600,000 for our client.

In 2010-11, our firm won another sizeable verdict for a contractor.  An owner sued our client seeking to avoid payment.  We tried that case to a jury.  The jury found in favor of our client, resulting in a significant jury verdict.