It's about helping you.
We listen. We care.

We make you and your case our priority.
We have the experience and the team to get justice for you.

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Personal Injury

We have the trial experience and the team to get justice for you.

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Civil Cases

To get justice in a civil case, you need a strong and experienced advocate with an excellent team.  We have both.   

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We work with small and large business owners.

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We act as mediators and can help resolves disputes between parties.

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Help for Kids

Divorce is hard, custody disputes are even harder. We listen, we care and we work compassionately to help you move forward.

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Attorneys:  Want help with a challenging case?  We have the trial experience and the team to help you win.

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Real Estate

The Richard Law Firm can help with land use and real estate disputes.

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The Richard Law Firm helps settle construction lawsuits.

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If you are being discriminated against or sexually harassed, call us.  We can help.

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“You may not control all the events that happen to you, but you can decide not to be reduced by them.” –Maya Angelou  

Why We’re Different.

We are known for our persistence and preparation.

We are proud of our honesty, integrity and dedication.

We are reliable and we work hard. Most important of all, we have the courage to stand up for our clients.

Big-firm Experience. Small-firm Relationships. Although we have big-firm experience, we prefer to work in a small-firm environment that is focused on client service and justice.

Cases We Don’t Take

We work for people who have been wronged. We don’t take frivolous lawsuits. We do not represent large corporations or insurance companies.


We Can Help

Articles & Insights

  • Andrea Richard Speaks at Liberty Day

    Andrea recently volunteered for the Liberty Day Institute.  The Institute is a nonprofit organization that works with foundations, community organizations, local businesses, and volunteer attorneys across the country to ensure that all children know and

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  • Is the Presumption Against Shared Custody Coming To An End?

    by Andrea Richard, Esq. Before November of 2017, Wyoming courts did not favor shared custody unless there was a good reason for such an arrangement. Eickbush vs. Eickbush, 2007 WY 179, ¶ 11, 171 P.3d

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